Lisa! Who mistakes Lisa for Julie! I think Jessi Colter is so beautiful, she still looks amazing. You can bet money that Old Waylon, never called her Lisa. Or Julie. Or Jolene! (Drag Queen!)

I hate Jolene! She could have any man she wants, so Jolene should just back the fuck off! Dolly is so awesome talking about Drag Queens. I have such a special place in my heart for Drag Queens!

I don’t even like to think about someone taking Loretta’s man. Loretta would kill a woman. She is not to be fucked with. Over her dead body! ( I picked this version because I think the interview afterwords is priceless!)

I don’t even need to warn you that, Patsy Cline would stalk your ass after midnight. She was so beautiful, though, so so beautiful. I think I would forgive her.

Maddox Brothers and Sister Rose! Sister Rose will sue your ass for alimony!

And one of the greatest collaborations of women in country! I love this! Happy Saturday everyone!