I have a ton of problems. Tons! So many that could be a blog on it’s own. Let’s talk about Pinterest. I love it. SO much to PIN! So much I will probably never see/do/experience. Whatever. Coffee and Pinterest. That is how we rock and roll around here! (Also: sometimes we actually play rock and roll, so eff off!)


I came across this great idea of making tumbler glasses out of aluminum beer bottles. You know like those old aluminum glasses that were so cool? I figure drinking out of them will remind me of the sweet sweet lime Kool-aid of my youth! Maybe add some gin and wear an apron around and pretend it is the fifties? Well, the fifties without the wife-beating and racism and hot-dog casseroles! Just the cool parts like aprons, petticoats and pretty high heels.

Vintage aluminum tumblers

I started out with Miller Lite. These aluminum bottles are too thin. It is fun to find the aluminum bottles, because they aren’t 12 ounces, they are a pint. That way you can pretend you are a fancy European, not American. And after this week, ‘Merica!, really? Our media can SUCK IT! Stupid Fucking Talking Box! But I digress. I digress a lot. Digress just means you should have shut up about something, forever ago.


And I have to add, any metal fabrication to actually make these tumblers, will be done by my husband. I quit welding when one of those sparks got stuck in my sock and burnt my ankle.  I stick to sewing machines. I have enclosed a video, for those who would like to make some.  It looks easy enough. (If you are metal-fabricating minded. And I am NOT talking about Lemmy. Or his mole. I don’t discuss the mole)


In the midst of this idea, I had a work trip to Milwaukee and had one of the best beers, ever! It was named Spotted Cow! I drank them all over that town and was so sad to learn they do not sell them outside of Wisconsin. I sososo love that state, but that is another story! My husband tried one of them, and told me it tasted like Budweiser. Indeed, it does! I am slowly converting! You grow, you change in life, I guess. I never ever thought I would leave my Miller’s Lite behind, but then I never thought I would own a house or a car or live past my 19th year, so whatevs! Maybe I was just beer-bored, it is better to find a new beer than switch to cheap vodka and try and kick the “backyard’s ass” not that I know ANYTHING about that.

Spotted Cow Farmhouse Ale

Anyway, we are planning a huge camping trip, all the way to Montana, and I am going to have Budweiser tumblers AND a tiny camp stove! It is so exciting! And terrible, because I will have to drink all this beer, so all family members can have a glass! That might include extended family, cousins, second cousins and even displaced divorcees I have only heard about…so I better get started! Started with drinking TONS of pints of Budweiser.

Source: youtube.com via Megan on Pinterest


Happy Week Everybody, have a smashing one! But don’t smash anything. Unless it is Fascism. Or beer cans, before you recycle them! Dang!