My best friend of 27 years died suddenly in August. It has been hard. I am getting better. Since January, I have been listening to country music nonstop. NONSTOP. My family is patient, Ha! 27 years is a lot of memories, and music is such a trigger. So many experiences, and shared songs. It doesn’t make it any easier to look at her childhood home, which is directly across the street from my house. I just cannot do it. My BFF absolutely HATED country music, so while not exactly uplifting by nature, it really doesn’t make me sad. I went with it.

I was driving my car to work today, which is a 40 minute commute. I was on the interstate and I thought to myself, “I can not listen to one more fucking country song.” And then it dawned on me. Uh, duh. PUNK ROCK. Loud, snotty, UNDERGROUND punk rock. So healing. So soothing. Just what I needed. Right when I needed it. God Bless America. Or Fuck it. Whatever!