I do not smoke anymore, quit almost 9 years ago. But I still love a good playlist. I have one for every situation. I was working on a new playlist, a few weeks ago, called Music to Pack Your Cigarettes By. My brother once told a girl that he could tell how much white trash was in a girl by how long she packed her cigarettes. Don’t know if that is true, but I still mimic packing my cigarettes, with my phone, one my steering wheel. Shhhh!

As I started the playlist, I realized that every song I could think of, came up EAGLES! I know, weird…so weird.

Then I started to realize, any song by the Eagles is a good song to pack your cigarettes to, and then I couldn’t think of any other songs.

It just became a thing. I miss the smell of a new pack of cigarettes. Not the smoking part, not the coughing part. Just the HEY, I am happy, new pack of smokes, and packing them on the steering wheel, the desk, my thigh, my friend’s head, you know…

I don’t even know what to say anymore. This song especially worries me. Someone is going to get hurt. And in a creepy Jodie Foster way. Get me out of here. I hate the Eagles I hate cigarettes. I need to listen to some punk rock now. STAT!

True Confession: I did buy this Christmas Eagles 45 for my jukebox. The picture was worth the price alone.

Go Ahead. Pack Your Smokes. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. Unless you are cool like me and quit. Merry Christmas and Happy Easter!

I love my Christmas glasses. I have been collecting them all year at thrift stores and garage sales. Some of them make sense, some are things I remember from my childhood and some are just drunk Santa and his drunk ass elves.

This glass is most fun when you pour a beer into it. Oh, Santa!

This elf is in the beginning stages of drunk. Happy, giggly and taking a bow. The elf next to him is a little bit more lit, and he is doing a one armed handstand! Whee! Little Drunk Elf!

This elf is in the middle stages of drunk. Dancing and thinking he is good at it. I have drank enough to dance, but never enough to believe I am good at it!

This elf is in the final and most haunting stages of drunk. He is ready to kick your ass! Oh no! Santa help!