King Diamond! Less than 48 hours to go…wheeeee!

Till them Imelda May is keeping me entertained! Dancey! 1 quiz, and 2 tests to go…

“It the way you name your ship…”

My life has changed dramatically since May, but I am trying to keep a good name on it. I need about 4 more hours in my day, and things keep dropping off my list. It is funny what becomes more important as you prioritize your time in life…

“And we laugh, and we cry
And we recited sacred text
And we rose and we fell
And then we said, okay what’s next?”

This is my soundtrack of the weekend, I need to see this band live soon, always a great time!

Until then, I frantically study drugs’ effect on neurotransmitters and try to keep it all straight, with a brain that may or may not have used drugs that affected my neurotransmitters many years ago.
Life is fucking weird, dude.


Samuel Beckett used to give Andre the Giant rides to school.
Andre the giant once drank 156 beers in one sitting. I don’t know if those facts are related or not.

Why is it always the Swedes?

This song instantly reminds me of this…

Which instantly reminds me of this…

So let’s just look at my cool napkin holder instead…


OR some plastic toys…


or some rain…






Moonrise Over Hernandez


Spanish American Woman_ Near Chimayo_ New Mexico_ 1937

This weekend, we saw this Ansel Adams display. What an amazing collection. Here are some of the highlights! It was at the EIU gallery, in Charleston, Illinois. I am always so pleased to see a large famous bodies of work in the midwest.




A great day includes equal parts flowers and Smothers Brothers. And a little bit of Mitch Hedburg, funniest man, ever!






These are today.

I always try and write the date on things, but yesterday I came across a notebook with some writings and drawings in it, no date.

I remember staring at one too many, “Home is where the Heart is” decorations and being inspired to write this, I know it was a sunny afternoon, in the summer.


On What Defines Home.

Home means pets, gardens, and children leaving marbles scattered out on the front sidewalk. Old records are spinning, Rose Tattoo upstairs, and Neil Young downstairs, and cd’s are blaring in the kitchen, maybe pop music or gangster rap. We walk or drive back and forth to my folks house for evening swims and beers. I float on my back in the pool and look at the same sky that has been staring back at me, since that pool went into the ground. To the right is the tree top shaped like a turkey, and to the left is the garage roof my brother used to jump off of. If you are there at dusk and you sit very still, you can see the bats come out of the trees. Sit even stiller and you can watch them take a drink out of the pool.

Home is cold beers, mexican cokes, projects get finished and even more get started. Early in the morning, I take a cup of coffee up to the tree house with a cookbook to read, formulating a plan. the deck is cluttered with remnants of parties of the past, I can still hear our conversations. I can hear the laughter of all the people who visit. On one side of the house poison ivy grows on the ground, Cannas and Sunflowers try to rise above it all in the shade.

Home is where sun, stillness, and a soft intermittent breeze set the playlist of your life. Childhood, adulthood, dreams all dance through my thoughts, while I breathe deeply. I imagine that my home smells like new leather, cigarette smoke, Jack Daniels, vanilla. I know this isn’t true, but when I look at it, those smells come to mind. Inside three people, 3 cats, and one dog begin to stir and I know that this phase of home now will someday be a very pleasant memory.


This is a rerun picture. These are my most favorite socks ever! I wore them today because today was test day. Thank goodness just an A & P test, not a pregnancy or drug test. Both would be negative, but I would rather not piss in a cup. Back to the socks, before I tell you about the dream where I was pregnant and tried to spontaneously miscarry by drinking excessive amounts of white zinfandel. Yuck! BACK TO MY FAVORITE SOCKS… I love to wear them when I have a test! They go well with desperation, caffeine and failure. But hey! 60 questions in 30 minutes is over, and I won’t have to worry about lab practical nonsense for a few more weeks! I have a paper to write and one more Chemistry test, and I will be officially done with this wickedy wack week!


I have a jar full of these tiny pigs. I have been putting one of them in every pair of my husband’s pant pockets, pajama and work, for over a week now. I kept finding them, on the nightstand, by the bed, on the dresser, but he refused to acknowledge them. Until this morning, I guess enough was enough, because he threw one at me, and it hit me in the face! That’s what you get for joking around with laundry!

I was so brain dead this afternoon, that my kid showed me this video and it made me laugh! I have no idea what is going on, on the internet anymore. But this is damn funny.


I am only drinking coffee today. Yesterday ONE of the dudes I live with put a cough drop, wrapper and all in my iced tea. I was drinking away, and I thought it tasted horrible, but when I saw the wrapper I knew, I had been the victim of a cough drop crime. NO one will admit to it! I need my girl kid back!


That’s all the Wednesday news from this house! I am outta here! Have a peachy day!

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