Over Thanksgiving break we traveled to Alghanistan. Word on the street wass that Alghanistan is lovely this time of year. You can watch Star Trek, meet the Morton Salt Girl or get 2 free sweet kittens!




A dizzy fuzzy stumble into the dark woods will reveal a one kickass abode, full of beer and good times. The Prime Minister of Alghanistan is Old Dirty Allen and he is the hostess with the mostest. He has the mostest skateboards I have ever seen. He makes those wonderful things and breaks them. He breaks a lot of them. I have one hanging one the wall in my kitchen, along with an orginal O.D.A. painting. I hope to tour my kitchen on this blog one day! Allen has shared beers in my kitchen and one time I even got to make him some Macaroni Salad!




This trip was a short trip, but a worthwhile one. Much fun was had. The music was pumping and Alghanistan is sometimes “Standing Room Only”. That is because bitches be dancing and shit!


Cabin in the Woods



I count myself lucky to have had Allen work on my house, building me the best party deck this side of the Mississippi! (another some day blog post) He has built us a shed and an KICKASS tree house. When my brother came out to visit I was so happy to show him, we had a tree house growing up, it makes me smile to have one for my kids.

I think the most important part about Alghanistan is the music. OH! The music! Allen introduces me to so much new/old/cool/crazy shit, it is great!

Here are 3 of my favorites:

Mickey Avalon! Jane Fonda! I always wonder if she secretly jams out to this song!

HANDS DOWN THE BEST COVER EVER! I love you, Agnes Chan! Fuck you, JOLENE! Even Agnes Chan HATES you! I love how even in Chinese this song translates emotionally!

And Finally: The craziest/happiest/saddest suicide song I have ever heard! Deaf School, best band to ever come from Liverpool!

Love you Allen, you big cold tree! Hope to come back and visit real soon!

I am going to be posting my favorite thrift store finds on Tuesdays. I love finding weird stupid things for cheap prices. Tuesday seems like a good day to show you all of my thrift store treasures. And there are many! MANY!


Behold. It is a tree. Painted on Wood.


Look at that. The side view of a tree. Painted on Wood.


This thing originally cost $4.95 at the um..trees painted on wood store. I paid 49 cents because someone no longer wanted it.

It brings me joy. And makes me ask why, why, why? And I don’t know why.

I love this damn tree painted on wood.