March 2011

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Always has been. So I am going to use Thursday to show you my favorite things. And there are many.

I love this kitty. I bought this little thing at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, and it cost $1.99.

I love books. Books, music, food and sewing machines. And beer. Anyway, Wednesday is going to be books I love day. I am going to start with the book that I love most in life. There are many, but this one is my stranded on a desert island choice.

Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker.

I read this when I was 17 and have reread it almost every year since. I find something new in it every time.

Here is a link:

Linkeedoo click here!

Buy it and enjoy!

I am going to be posting my favorite thrift store finds on Tuesdays. I love finding weird stupid things for cheap prices. Tuesday seems like a good day to show you all of my thrift store treasures. And there are many! MANY!


Behold. It is a tree. Painted on Wood.


Look at that. The side view of a tree. Painted on Wood.


This thing originally cost $4.95 at the um..trees painted on wood store. I paid 49 cents because someone no longer wanted it.

It brings me joy. And makes me ask why, why, why? And I don’t know why.

I love this damn tree painted on wood.

Porta-Potty is now monster-free!, originally uploaded by ashpungsnotded.

Porta-Potty Monster!, originally uploaded by ashpungsnotded.


I have decided that Mondays will be Blythe Doll Day on this website. I have loved dollies my whole life, since I can remember. Discovering Blythe dolls has brought so much joy to my life. They are fun to sew for and even more fun to photograph! If you are a Blythe doll mommy yourself, do not forget to leave a comment. I will draw one name a week and mail you a free petite blythe doll dress!

Since the Dollies all have new dresses a camping trip was definitely in order.

Ms. Muffet, hanging on the roof, with her spider friend.

In Dollyland, camping always involves Cheese, Crackers and WINE!

Someone back there has had enough wine.

Camping with Bestest Friends.

All three wearing their new dresses.

Barbara Sue in her new black dress.

This is a dress that I made for Barbara, on one hot summer day. We had  the  fans going all day as I slaved away on this dress. I also drank most of Barbara Sue’s Miller Lite, that scorcher of a day. Most of the time, Barbara Sue and I are together, I drink all of her Miller Lite. I am revamping this website, in order to write everyday and I am declaring Sundays, New Dress Day. One of these days, I will sew one for myself, but today you will have to see Barbara in her pretty new dress. Brrrrr, Barbara go put some clothes on.