Each year in lieu of gifts, my family goes to Saint Pete Beach in Florida for an amazing Christmas vacation. This is thanks to my amazing parents, who make this happen, every year! There were 20 of us total this year, and yikes what a fun time!


Okay! Tiny Elvis, let’s start this trip! First, we drove to Indiana. A state I hate for many reasons. But today I like it, because it means we are that much closer to vacation! Yay!


Then we took a shuttle to the airport, where we sang, Everyday I’m shuttling! Okay fine, I was the only one who sang it.


Then things got all David Lynchian on the airplane, because I hate flying. But it is worth it, when you can be on vacation in less than 2 hours. I fell asleep on the plane and woke up, slammed my knee into the tray and sent a glass of water everywhere! Good thing I didn’t order a Bloody Mary!


My sister and I enjoying a cold one! She got a real cold after this, and I look like Michael Jackson in a lot of these pictures, but whatever!


Since we were very little she has always let me fix her hair. Always a willing participant. I get bored if I sit around too long, so I had lots of hair appointments.


I am usually happier than her about hairstyles. I think she is crying in this picture.


I tried my best to make her hair look like Donald Trump. OH NO!


Then I stole a bike as my brother in law looked on…


We assaulted Santa Claus. I stuck a “Ronnie James Dio” pose in this picture. I am always the shortest, but most rockingest. Is rockingest a word?


My beautiful sister in law and I on our way to a punk rock show. It was amazing.


Sisters assault a snowman. That might be the name of my next band. There are so many rules posted at our hotel, I am sure there will be new ones next year…for assaulting the blow up dolls. Haha!


Even though the sign said, Watch your Step!, I fell down. It was dramatic.


Kissing a dolphin. He liked it.


New Ice Machine Rules this year! Ice buckets only, people!


Oh! I! Miss! The! Sun!


No Diarrhea in the Pool. They are serious about this.


Oh No! That man photobombed our anti-diarrhea rule picture.


Then one day my brother agreed to give me a tattoo, or six, to be exact. I am second guessing my idea here. But then my brother gave me a Guinness.


Turns out it was a great idea. I even got a tiny corndog with a happy face tattooed on my leg.


Vacations with your family are so fun!


And so so so funny! Yay! The End!