July 2013

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman is currently breaking my heart. I have had ice cream. I have had beer. I finished this book and it was so beautiful, the entire thing. Such and important piece of work for a human to read. You will become a child. You will remember things you had forgotten when you were young enough to run barefoot and nothing mattered but the world you molded; somewhere between reality and imagination. I had so many fears as a chid, completely different from the fears of the real world. I cannot let go of the story. It is a marvelous thing.


This is creepy:

In completely unrelated less-heartbreaking news, Gin Wigmore is rocking my world. ROCKING IT!





It is such a strange thing to have time off. I have been out west, in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Sleeping on the ground in a tent. What a wonderful thing. It has changed me in so many ways.


I am waiting to go to work, at a second job, to try and make ends meet. The problem of working in the “arts”. Always trying to make ends meet. But it is worth it. I can be my absolute self at work, and I am never asked to wear a polo shirt or Khaki pants. Gross. My wardrobe is black. When I want to mix it up, I choose grey or brown. Sometimes, I will go really crazy and wear leopard print.

Making some fun plans for my birthday this weekend. Taking things easy. Blowing up the alley. Desperately collecting as much music and books, so I can have plenty to last through the year…As soon as August hits it will be crazy! Not sure about any of these musical selections,just things I listened to when I lived in Lawrence, Kansas about 17 years ago. Sometimes, they just sound like that time of my life…